Casino games with the best chances of winning

One of the most common questions to ask casino players is which casino games offer the greatest chance of winning. Casino games should primarily be a source of entertainment, but of course you want to be able to win money when you play. While some play their favorite games without thinking about winning chances, others specifically go for the best online casino games in terms of how good the chances of winning are. There are several factors that determine how good your chances of winning at a casino game are. Read about how to win money online without a deposit via our guide and increase your chances of winning at casino games.

RTP payback percentage is central

RTP (Return to Player) is a very widespread term in the casino industry. In English, this is called the payback percentage, and every online casino game has a stated RTP. The game’S RTP tells you how much of the stake is paid back to players in the long run in the form of winnings. For example, an RTP of 95% means that for every $ 100 wagered, $ 95 goes back as winnings. These percentages are calculated based on thousands of simulations to give a correct number. 

The advantage of playing casino games online is that they generally have a much larger RTP than what you can get on land-based games. This is especially true for slot machines. While land-based casino games can have an RTP of around 75 %, for example, most online casino slots are around 95-96 %. 

Blackjack is one of the world’s best casino games in terms of payout percentage. By playing blackjack with an ideal strategy, the game can have an RTP of more than 99 %.


Volatility – few and large gains, or frequent and small gains

The RTP is measured based on thousands of simulations, which means that in short game sessions you can have completely different results than what the game’s official RTP dictates. One of the factors that helps to influence how much the result varies is the volatility of the game. 

Volatility describes how large fluctuations you can expect when playing a casino game. Casino games can have low, medium and high volatility. 

Low volatility means that there are small fluctuations. This type of casino game is thus ideal for anyone who wants a steady stream of winnings. At the same time, the gains are usually not so great when volatility is low. 

High volatility means that there are large fluctuations. Here the winnings come more irregularly, but when they come they are usually larger than what the low volatility games can offer. 

It is therefore a matter of taste whether you prefer games with high or low volatility. Both options can have the equivalent RTP, but the volatility helps determine how much the results can fluctuate in the short run. 

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